Information for Studio Audience Schools

Participating in the Studio Audience is a wonderful  opportunity for your students to take part in a national event.

Please read this information carefully prior to applying for a place for your school in the TALKFEST Studio Audience.

What does being in the Studio Audience involve?

  • Schools participating in the Studio Audience can send 10 students and one accompanying teacher.
  • Students will be able to take part in audience response polls and live Q&A during the event.

What are the responsibilities of the school?

  • All students and teachers must be seated 20 minutes in advance of the broadcast time.
    This is to allow for instructions about the event as well as to ensure that housekeeping matters and health and safety issues are covered with all students.
  • Schools arriving late may not be admitted to the venue.
  • Schools are responsible for all costs associated with student transport and parking.
  • Accompanying teachers are responsible for the supervision of their students at all times.

Photo/Digital Image Release Permission Forms

  • Because this is a broadcast event, the principal, teacher and students (or their parents if they are under the age of 16) must sign a photo/digital image release form.
  • This form acknowledges that the event is being broadcast and therefore images that may include each individual in the audience will be recorded and broadcast live.
  • The release form gives Gravida and the University of Auckland the right to use images taken within the TALKFEST event in work related to LENScience, Gravida and University Media Productions. This may include webpages, pamphlets, books, documentaries, reports and posters.
  • The release form acknowledges that the broadcast recordings will be stored in the University of Auckland Library and available publicly via the LENScience website.
  • The form is scanned and stored in a secure electronic location within a University of Auckland server.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to admit any teacher or student to the audience if they have not completed this form.

Studio Audience Polls

  • During the TALKFESTs we will use a classroom response system to allow our Studio Audience to be polled.
  • The polls will be anonymous and use either multiple-choice or Likert scale questions.

Can students in the Studio Audience take part in LiveChat?

  • Yes – as long as they have their own internet capable devices that do not require to be plugged into a power socket.

Dress Code

  • Please ensure your students are well presented in either their school uniform, or for mufti-schools, dress appropriate for a formal school event.



  • Applications from schools for places in the Studio Audience will be accepted until midday, Monday 24th Febrauary
  • Schools will be notified of allocations by 3pm on Tuesday 25, February.
  • A preference given to schools that are also participating via the ON-LINE Audience.
  • To apply click on icon