Schools Registration

REGISTER-07All schools wishing to participate or allow students to participate in TALKFEST 2014 must register with LENScience Connect.

If you were registered with LENScience Connect previously, please re-register for this special event. We apologise for this inconvenience.

School Registration:

Teacher Registration:

Home School:

  • If you are a parent who is Home Schooling your child, please register as a school and select Home School from the drop down list of schools.
  • Please also register as a teacher.

 Student Registrations:

  • Students who wish to participate in any of the following activities must register.
    • LiveChat ¬†– for remote audience participation via a secure LENScience chat-room on the day of the event
    • Expert Student Panel Competition – a chance to win the opportunity to participate in the Expert Student Panel in Auckland on March 13th.
    • LENScience Connect Community – a secure online community group where students in age-appropriate groups, linked to their school year can engage in discussion before and after the TALKFESTs
  • Students must register individually for the LIVE PANEL competition. Parental consent is also required for this competition.
  • Teachers may send in class lists with names and school email addresses to receive individual usernames and passwords for each student in their class, enabling participation in LiveChat and the LENScience Connect community groups. Please note that unless you are registered in the community as a teacher, your students will not be permitted to take part in these activities. Once you have registered as a teacher you will be contacted by LENScience with an invitation to register your students in this way.
  • Student registration links are found on the STUDENT REGISTRATION page.