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Enter Blog BLAST and be in to win a place on the TALKFEST 2014 Expert Student Panel


  • Blogs are an important part of the modern scientists’ communication tool-kit.
  • Win a chance to have your Blog posted alongside those of prominent scientists on the LENScience Connect Blog
  • The top four Years 7 – 10 and Years 12-13 New Zealand student bloggers will win a trip to Auckland to meet Professor Winston and participate in the TALKFEST 2014 Expert Student Panels
  • Cook Islands students – don’t miss out! We can’t get you to Auckland but great prize packages are awaiting the best Cook Islands bloggers.

What is a blog?


    • Blogs are an online communication tool.
    • Blogs are a type of website.
    • Bloggers are people who want to share their opinions via the internet.
    • A blog is usually quite short – between 300 and 500 words (sometimes a bit more).
    • A blog is your opinion – so write using your own voice (1st person).
    • Some blogs are inside social networks – some are not.
    • Readers can usually leave comments on a blog.

How do I write my blog?

rendered concept of a PDCA Lifecycle (Plan Do Check Act)

    • Identity your audience – who do you want to read your blog? Teenagers, scientists, parents, teachers, politicians?
    • What is your main message? What are your supporting points?
    • Use a mind-map or spider diagram to map out your ideas.
    • Decide on your main points and put them in order.
    • Write your first paragraph – tell your readers what this is going to be about.
    • Write one paragraph for each main point and link your paragraphs together.
    • Write your final sentences – what is the punch line?
    • Check your spelling and grammar.
    • Get at least three people (friends, teachers, parents) to read your blog and give you feedback.
    • What did they think you were writing about? Did they get your point?
    • Edit your blog and get your three reviewers to read it again……. and again …..until you are really happy that your blog is ready for the world to read!

Some Scientific Bloggers

Check out some of  the best scientific bloggers around………


Ready to Blog BLAST!

BLOGBLAST YR12-13-11BlogBLAST Y7-10-12 Click on the link buttons to go to find the Blog BLAST topics for your year group and enter the competition.

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Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please read the terms and condirtions before you enter the Blog BLAST competition.

  1. Entries must be received via the online entry form by midday, Friday 28th February 2014
  2. The competition is open to students registered in Years 7-13 in schools in New Zealand or the Cook Islands.
  3. Winners will be notified within one week of close of entry.
  4. The decision of the judges is final and no communication regarding the outcome of the competition will be entered into.
  5. Basic travel for New Zealand prize winners to participate in the Expert Student Panel on Thursday March 13th, 2014. No overnight accommodation will be provided. Travel will be arranged and paid for by Gravida.
  6. Winning New Zealand students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or over). Travel for the accompanying adult will be paid for by Gravida, conditions as per point 5 above.
  7. Travel for winning New Zealand students aged 16 or over will not include an adult companion, however if an adult wishes to accompany the winning student, 16 or over, they may do so at their own expense.
  8. All entries become the property of Gravida and LENScience, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland
  9. Any entry may be published online by the Liggins Institute and/or Gravida
  10. Winning students from the Cook Islands will be notified of the prize package once the details of this information is available. This prize package does not include any travel.
  11. LENScience and Gravida retain the right to alter these terms and conditions at any point during the competition.