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TALKFEST is about Youth engaging with Science to talk about Issues for our time.

LENScience TALKFEST 2014 is for you!


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Lord Robert Winston

  • TALKFEST 2014 will see young people from all around New Zealand and the Cook Islands debating issues that matter with internationally famous scientist and TV presenter Professor Lord Robert Winston.
  • TALKFEST 2014 will be broadcast live from the University of Auckland’s Fale Pasikifa on Thursday March 13th (NZ time) or Wednesday March 12th (Cook Islands time).
  • You can join TALKFEST 2014 in your classroom – ask your teacher how.
  • If you live close to Auckland, your school can apply for 10 students to be a part of the STUDIO AUDIENCE live at Fale Pasifika.
  • Everyone that participates in TALKFEST 2014 can take part in the live Q&A sessions.
  • Enter Blog BLAST to be in for a chance to join Professor Winston on the Expert Student Panel.

TALKFEST 2014 BlogBLAST Competition


  • Blogs are an important part of the modern scientists’ communication tool-kit.
  • Win a chance to have your Blog posted alongside those of prominent scientists on the LENScience Connect Blog
  • The top four New Zealand student bloggers will win a trip to Auckland to meet Professor Winston and participate in the TALKFEST 2014 Expert Student Panels
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TALKFEST 2014 Years 7 – 10

Puberty: Let’s Talk About it with the Experts

BlogBLAST Y7-10-12Puberty-13

  • When it comes to life changes – YOU are the experts!
  • Since you were born, you have grown faster and changed more rapidly in your lifetime than you ever will again.
  • And its not all about physical change. Think about it – you have developed socially, intellectually and emotionally – you know a lot about change!
  • However, Lord Winston, your parents and your teachers probably all think they are also experts when it comes to understanding adolescent change.
  • Click on the PUBERTY Button to find out more and enter the Blog BLAST competition.

TALKFEST 2014 Years 12 – 13

Reproductive Technologies: An issue for our time

BLOGBLAST YR12-13-11Reproductive Technologies-13

  • Assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF and PGD have developed rapidly over the past 30 years.
  • Louise Brown, the world’s first IVF baby was born in 1978, followed by 5 million more IVF babies around the world.
  • Assisted reproductive technologies have benefited many people and families, however they have also challenged societies as we explore the associated ethical challenges.
  • Professor Winston, along with scientists from Gravida, the Liggins Institute and Fertility Associates are experts in this field – an area where both science and society needs to keep finding out more.
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