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TALKFEST is about Youth engaging with Science and Science engaging with Youth.

LENScience TALKFEST 2014

Thursday March 13th (New Zealand)

What is TALKFEST 2014

Lord Robert Winston

  • TALKFEST 2014 will see young people from New Zealand and the Cook Islands debating issues that matter with internationally renowned scientist and science communicator, Professor Robert Winston.
  • TALKFEST 2014 consists of two interactive webinars, broadcast live from the University of Auckland’s Fale Pasikifa on Thursday 13 March, 2014.
  • The TALKFESTS are designed to enable young people aged from 11-18 to engage with the science community and with each other in discussions about socio-scientific issues.
  • You can join TALKFEST 2014 as a scientist via the ONLINE Audience and participate in LiveChat throughout the event.
  • The Blog BLAST student competition provides a pre-learning activity for teachers and a chance for students to join Professor Winston on the Expert Student Panel.
  • Scientists are invited to submit blogs around the topics of successful reproductive outcomes and adolescent development. Selected blogs will be posted alongside the student blogs on our new social network site (launching March 12th, 2014).

Target Student Audience


  • Year 12-13 Science and Biology Students in New Zealand and Cook Islands schools.
  • Year 7-10 classes in New Zealand and Cook Islands schools.
  • Schools from other Pacific Nations that can access an adequate broadband internet connection are welcome to take part.

How do scientists take part in TALKFEST 2014

Scientist RegistrationTECH CHECK

  • Scientists can take part either in the connected ONLINE Audience or in the Auckland STUDIO AUDIENCE.
  • Please register. Following registration you will be sent further details regarding processes on the day.
  • To find out whether your office has adequate broadband capacity, click the TECH CHECK Button>>
  • LiveChat will link all parts of the audience together.
  • Please register to take part in TALKFEST.
  • Please note, all registrations from scientists will be validated via your institution to ensure the safety of our youth audience.

TALKFEST 2014 Discussion Topcs

Puberty-13Reproductive Technologies-13

  • The topics for discussion are:
    • Puberty for Year 7-10 (10:30 am, March 13, 2014)
    • Reproductive Technologies for Year 12-13 (1:30 pm, March 13, 2014)
  • These topics have been chosen because they are relevant to the students, the science community and society, and link to objectives in the New Zealand and Cook Islands curricula.
  • Visit the student pages (linked via the buttons) to see how these topics are introduced to students aged 11-14 (puberty) and 16-18 (reproductive technologies). Teachers will build on these introductions through the TALKFEST and afterwards in classes.
  • An online discussion community will enable students and scientists to continue to engage in conversation about these issues.

TALKFEST 2014 Blog BLAST  – contributing scientists

Student Blog BLAST Page