The Liggins Education Network for Science (LENScience) is a dedicated science education and translation group within the Liggins Institute, a centre for research on fetal and child health, nutrition, breast cancer, epigenetics and evolutionary medicine.

LENScience is a member of Gravida: National Centre for Growth and Development, a Centre of Research Excellence that seeks to reveal how conditions in early life affect the way in which an individual grows and develops throughout life.

Established in 2006 by the Liggins Institute founding director Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, LENScience programmes enable knowledge translation and facilitate development of understanding of the Nature of Science. LENScience supports development of the scientific and health literacy required for the economic and social well-being of 21st century societies.

The work of LENScience includes:

  • Student programmes
    • Face-to-Face: A series of LEOTC day-programmes for Year 7-13 classes, reaching up to 8000 students per year
    • Students as Researchers: A gifted and talented extension programme that prioritises places for Maori and Pacific students
    • BioMed Summer School: A school-university transitions programme that prioritises places for Maori and Pacific students
    • LENScience Connect: Blended e-learning programmes
  • Learning Resource Development: Context-embedded teaching and learning resources that support teachers to engage in narrative-based teaching programmes that explore socio-scientific issues of relevance to young people, the science community and society
  • Pacific Science for Health Literacy Partnership Project: A New Zealand – Tonga – Cook Islands collaboration to enable the LENScience model to be extended into Pacific Island Nations
  • Research Programmes: Our research engages in partnership with schools, scientists and educators nationally and globally, exploring the role of school-science-community partnerships in supporting health, social and economic wellbeing in societies.

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