About TALKFEST 2014

TALKFEST 2014 is a Gravida funded LENScience Partnership Programme.
Through collaboration between schools, LENScience, Gravida and Lord Winston, young people throughout New Zealand and the Cook Islands will engage in discussion and debate around the topics of Puberty and Reproductive Technologies.

Programme Aims:

  1. To support learning in New Zealand and Cook Islands schools by enabling synchronous and asynchronous discussions between students and scientists about socio-scientific issues of relevance to both these groups.
  2. To support the potential for effective integration of narratives about science and scientific research within ongoing learning programmes facilitated by teachers in schools.
  3. To support the science community by enabling effective communication to facilitate the translation of relevant scientific evidence into community understanding.

About LENScience Connect Partnership Programmes

LENScience Connect Partnership Programmes utilise a blended e-learning model to support interactive communication between school and science communities. They recognise the benefit of collaborative partnerships that support the communication and translation of science within society, through the vehicle of pedagogically sound learning programmes. For schools these programmes support teachers to facilitate development of the multi-facetted capabilities required for scientific and health literacy. For the science community, the programmes enable the expertise of teachers to be employed to facilitate the communication of science within society.

  • Programmes enable students to examine socio-scientific issues of relevance to communities, particularly those in New Zealand and the Pacific Region.
  • Programmes are co-constructed by educators and scientists
  • Programmes are interactive, enabling communication with, not to, school communities.
  • Programmes are supported by learning resources that enable teachers in schools to continue the learning journey over time. This recognises that meaningful learning will occur over time, through the work of the classroom teacher.
  • Programmes enable continued asynchronous communication between the science and school communities over a period of time following the broadcast event.

LENScience is pleased to be associated with Gravida, a science community that recognises the shortcomings of traditional outreach programmes that employ unidirectional communication strategies. LENScience acknowledges the commitment of Gravida to the use of expertise held within communities such as schools, health workforces and farmer groups to enable effective communication partnerships that engage science and society in meaningful discussion and debate.